Would you like to join  our EU-funded project including home training at a reduced price?

We are now offering a limited number of clients the opportunity to participate in the partly Erasmus + funded project “ We can train all frequency bands (alpha, theta, delta, beta, SMR) in all positions of the brain:

- To increase concentration
- For stress management

Neurofeedback briefly explained: Neurofeedback (also EEG biofeedback) is a special form of biofeedback. In neurofeedback, brain waves (EEG waves) are displayed on a computer screen. These change when you are awake, asleep, alert, relaxed or stressed. During neurofeedback training, you train a change in these brain wave curves, e.g. to reduce stress waves or to increase concentration waves. Studies have shown that neurofeedback can be used to increase concentration and alleviate stress symptoms. Neurofeedback must be accessible and affordable for everyone.

Home workout cost:
The neurofeedback home training is possible for an additional payment of 45 euros per week including rental equipment and professional online support. As part of health education to increase concentration and reduce stress. An admission interview and an introduction to our Myndlift training device can be carried out online or in person in Munich for only 50 euros (duration 60 minutes). We strongly recommend a qEEG (quantitative EEG) in a practice before starting training. With a QEEG we can adjust your training or therapy better. You can have the qEEG created in any practice. We can name a practice that carries out the qEEG for club patients for 90 euros.


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